JACKtivities we feature: 


Not for Profit

WHO QUALIFIES: Schools, churches, charities, civic clubs, or any one hosting a non-profit event (where funds raised are donated to charity or a charitable organization) should submit their information to be included on JACK FM's JACKtivities.



WHO QUALIFIES: Drama groups, musicians, special church services, club activities open to the public,  civic organizations membership drives, civic organization fundraising events, community festivals, car shows, and the list goes on and on. Basically, if you have something that's going on in and around the Central PA area we would like to hear from you. 


If you qualify under one of the above guidelines, great! Get ready to send us your JACKtivity!


Here's what we need to know:


WHO: Who is putting on the event?

WHAT: What is the event for? i.e. charity group, school,

WHEN: What is the date of the event? Time?

WHERE: Where will the event take place?

WHY: Make your case of why listeners should support your event! 

HOW MUCH: How much are you trying to raise? Is there a suggested donation amount? Is there an admission price that will be donated to charity?


Send your info at least 3 Weeks in advance to psa@wtrnradio.com

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